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发表时间:2020-04-27 00:00

My name is Ke Luo and I am a Chinese student。I am participating in the 2 + 2 exchange program right now. In other words, I completed two years of university study tasks in China, and then came to the UK for another two years of study. This kind of experience has agreat impact on my career development concept.

My enlightenment for the media came from my mother. When I was very young, she often showed me some Disney cartoons. Atthat time, I thought these pictures were really cool, thousands of times morevivid than the boring text in the book. From that moment, I think the media hasoccupied an indelible position in my heart. So when I have to choose my major,I resolutely chose media production.

To be honest, as a Chinese student, I haveto admit that in my growing up, I knew almost nothing about experimental films.Unfortunately, It is subject to China's political system.   Since the 1990s with the influence ofmarketisation and globalization, Chinese independent filmmakers have beengoverned under a ‘three-legged system’ (Chris Berry 2016:115) , which iscomposed of ‘the party-state apparatus, the domestic market economy, andoverseas connections. State censorship demands political conformity from Chinese filmmakers and bars overly critical or dissenting movies from Chinesecinemas, tv and the internet. Domestic capital and commercial corporations,often in complicity with the state (Zhang 2007:72), provide financial opportunities for Chinese filmmakers, only if their projects are considered commercially viable. This ‘three-legged system’ creates a demand for politically sensitive and artistically experimental films abroad but marginalizes these films on the domestic film market. however, the expanding film market also endows more opportunities for independent cinema that is less ‘politicized’or ‘critical realist’. These films, now under the banner of ‘art film’. These filmsare to some extent depoliticized and focus on the personal through poeticvisual symbols rather than clear storylines. In fact, they are intentionally dodge politically-sensitive issues.

As a new generation of Chinese filmmakers, I think we need to be depoliticized This should not be viewed as bowing tocensorship, but is actually our intentional aesthetic choice. We need try to evade various pressing social issues in contemporary China, and looking for more abstract, aesthetic creativity, which will not directly challenge the existing political and social order. To seize the limited opportunities of future success,young independent filmmakers of New Wave like us also have to learn‘self-emotional management’, to keep an optimistic and positive mentality in confronting the career uncertainties and precarious condition.


I am a realisticperson, and I have no very ambitious goals for my future career development. I want to participate in a experimental film production as an editor before I turn 30. If the film imitates reality and the documentary analyzes reality,then the experimental film is to create reality subjectively. The experimental filmis more focused on the expression of the filmmakers. Most of their content is based on the inner impulse and emotional expression of the creators, and is not constrained by the narrative sequence. I hope this film is not a commercial movie that made solely to cater to the public's aesthetic,but a movie that allows the audience to have a more independent reflection space.

Now due to the impact of the COVID-19, my studies have been affectedas well. I have to give up the idea of continuing my graduate studies in the UK this year. So I decided to gap for a year and return to my motherland, China,for a year of work internship related to   media industry. At present, I have received ajob offer from the Shanghai branch of Sony. I will work as a video editor in Sony for a year and a half. I will remain creative and critical. Adhering to the spirit of experiment and constantly creating excellent works. Accumulate experience for my future career.

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